"God's Best: Reflecting the Character of Jesus"

Growing spiritually

Christ-centered foundation: Sharon Temple strives....

Growing academically

Academic Excellence: Sharon Temple students are academically challenged to meet...

Growing physically

Balanced Development: Sharon Temple students are nurtured and supported...

Growing socially

Character and Citizenship: Sharon Temple School endeavors to help students develop....


Sharon Temple Adventist School is a Seventh-day Adventist school located in North Wilmington, Delaware.  Our staff is committed to providing quality education in a Christ-filled environment.

Our school is part of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist school network.  The Adventist educational system includes elementary and high schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States and many countries around the world.  As a North American Division of Education school, Sharon Temple is accredited by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools an the National Council of Private School Accreditation agency.

We invite you to find out more about our school.  Click on the About Us -> Contact us link to complete the contact form or call our office at (302) 428-0216 to schedule and on-site visit.  We welcome you and look forwrd to serving your Spiritual and Educational needs!

Student achievement is above the national average for students who attend Seventh-day Adventist school in North America.

“We believe the Adventist advantage in education is due to a holistic approach taken by the school system. There’s an unusual commitment to educating the mind, body and spirit.”

Elissa Kido, EdD